Board & Governance

Employment and Skills Board

The Employment and Skills Board is recognised as one of four Regional Partnership Boards supported by the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Programme Management Office and acts in an advisory capacity to the CCR cabinet. The Cardiff Capital Region Skills Partnership (CCRSP) and Employment and Skills Board are integrated within regional structures and support the delivery of a shared CCR employment and skills agenda for the City Deal and Welsh Government.


An industry member chairs the board, with membership drawn from a wide variety of stakeholders who attend as representatives of their industry sectors or networks. The chair has an observer role on both the Regional Economic Growth Partnership and Regional Business Council to ensure that the CCRSP Employment and Skills Plan aligns with the objectives of the CCR Economic Growth Plan. The Employment and Skills Board is also represented on the Wales Employment and Skills Board (WESB), Wales Apprenticeship Advisory Board (WAAB) and Council for Economic Development (CFD).


The Employment and Skills Board is representative of the regional economy and includes representation from the CCR City Deal, CBI, FSB, South Wales Chamber of Commerce along with employers from regionally identified priority sectors including Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Compound Semi-Conductors, Construction, Creative, Digital and Enabling Technology and Human Foundational Economy.


Each member of the Employment and Skills Board adopts an ambassadorial role and champions the work of the CCRSP across their associated networks; an activity that enhances engagement and ensures that ‘reach’ is maximised across the plethora of business networks and wider economic structures within the region.


To support engagement activity and to promote positive working relationships with employers, the CCRSP continues to support six industry cluster groups. The cluster groups directly align with the sectors that have been deemed a priority for the Cardiff Capital Region and each is driven by the relevant sector champion:


  • • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • • Compound Semi- Conductors
  • • Construction
  • • Creative
  • • Digital and Enabling Technology
  • • Human Foundational Economy
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