Human Foundational Economy (HFE)

Human Foundational Economy (HFE)


Following significant employer engagement and feedback we have recently split the Human Foundational Economy into two distinct sector groups to ensure we can adequately reflect the wide ranging nature of this broad sector.


Human Foundational Economy: Education, Health, Social Care and Childcare


There are several unique challenges in parts of this sector. In the field of Social Care, new qualification requirements mean there is a significant skills gap.  Additionally, our engagement with the sector has demonstrated that the nature of the social care sector is likely to change in coming years as it becomes more embedded with health care and we adjust to an ageing society.


Human Foundational Economy: Hospitality, Retail and Tourism


Our engagement with the Hospitality sector has demonstrated there are several challenges around recruitment and skills training which need to be investigated further. In particular, the cost and time required to train individuals can be a major challenge for a sector in which there can be high levels of staff turnover. Additionally, this is a sector that is repeatedly raised as being at risk of negative impacts relating to Brexit.




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